Guide for Authors

Dear authors are asked to forward articles to the journal’s website:


Please Consider the Following in the Articles:


  1. Title


  1. Name of the Author, Affiliation, and Email Address


  1. Abstracts and Key Words at Most in 250 Words


  1. The Main Body of the Article Written in 3000 to 7000 Words Including an Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Conclusion, References ( Arranged Based on the APA style), and Appendices (if applicable)


−Articles must be written in Times New Roman font.


−Font Size: 14 Bold for the Title, 10 for the Abstract, 12 Bold for Headings, 11 Bold for Subheadings, 12 for the main Text, 11 for Quotations, 11 for References


−Indent all Paragraphs 1.27 Cm. Except for the First One.